How do I activate OSN ?

For new customers:

– Download Virgin Mobile App

– Take one of three VIRGIN (100,150,215) and opt-in for OSN

– Activate your SIM

– Receive an SMS for activating the service, with username and password.

– Download OSN App

For existing customers with one of the VIRGIN (100,150,215)_plans “customers have to opt-in to take OSN add-on”:

– On the main dashboard, tap on OSN below the Minutes and Data counters

– opt-in for OSN

– Your OSN subscription will start with your next renewal

For existing customers with other plans:

– On the main dashboard, check for “Services”

– Tap on OSN

– You can add OSN service for only 35 SAR deducted from your Virgin Mobile wallet “first 7-days will be free, customers will be charged   second month onwards”