A Statement on Customer Complaint Handling Policy

Striving to retain the Company customers as the first and main hub for its business success and continuity, all competent organizational units of the Company exert their efforts to provide advanced levels of customer experiences. Therefore, it became necessary to develop this strategic policy to be clearer and more transparent to achieve the Company's objectives, assure the roles and responsibilities, clarify the powers and adopted work rules.

Customers Complaints-Handling Policy

  • Users are entitled to present their complaints to their service provider, provided that the complaint is submitted within 60 days of the incident, or the disputed bill, unless it was proved that the user was not aware of the bill or the incident at the time of its occurrence.
  • Complaints will be processed within five days.
  • Clients will be given a reference number for their complaint, and the expected duration of time for procession for their complaint, via a text, electronic, or written message, Client can raise their complaint to concerned authorities.
  • Clients will receive a written response to their complaint via a text, electronic, or written message.
  • You may present and follow up your objections via all open Virgin Mobile communication channels:

You can learn more about your rights in submitting complaints: