This page contains our member’s rights and responsibilities regulated by the communications and information technology commission CITC in KSA.

General Provisions: Our customers are entitled to:

  1. Access the details, features, prices, terms, exceptions or restriction of services.
  2. Know penalties for violating these restrictions and exceptions.
  3. Receive the service as defined in the subscription contract, as per the CITC regulations.
  4. Obtain a contract copy of the service subscription that is signed and approved by the service provider. The customer can request a copy of the contract at any time, for up to one year after cancelling the service.
  5. Receive a receipt against the payment made to the service provider which includes details of the type of service, the paid amount and the date. The receipt can be either a soft copy or a hard copy.
  6. Receive a service in all the service providers’ outlets and not limit the services to specific outlets.
  7. Information and communications confidentiality. It is impermissible to access, listen or record customer’s communication.
  8. Receive detailed invoices on a regular basis that are clear and correct without any charge. Upon request, invoices can be provided in both / either Arabic or English via a soft copy or a hard copy.
  9. Include a credit limit for the service, documented in contract and monthly invoice.
  10. Reduce the credit limit, but not less than the minimum value of the package. It cannot be increased without the customer request.
  11. Ensure invoice total amount does not exceed the set credit limit; except that last call prior to reaching the credit limit, international roaming, not more than 10% of the credit limit, if the customer requested to reconnect services.
  12. Request service cancellation without personally being present with availability of identity verification tools.
  13. To be free from any financial charges, except those for the services subscribed to.
  14. Transfer mobile number from existing service provider to another, as per the procedures and obligations of the Number Transfer Document.
  15. Service continuity, not to suspend or cancel the service except by a legal request.
  16. Obtain proof of service cancellation request. No fees can be charged post the submission of cancellation request.
  17. Refund the excess paid amounts within 10 days from the date of notification, or transfer of the credit can be made to any other account of the customer, upon request.
  18. Request a suspension of service for a period not exceeding 12 months; and to pay a recurrent fee for this period.
  19. Not charge service fees during interruption due to service provider.
  20. Raise a complaint to the service provider, through its available channels and receive a complaint reference number.
  21. Not pay the amount for a specific duration of the complaint raised by the customer. Until his complaint is resolved, the service should not be suspended or cancelled.
  22. Get customer`s complaint resolved by the service provider within a period of 5 days from the date of filing the complaint.
  23. Escalate the complaint to CITC, if the service provider failed to resolve the issue in time frame allowed or if the customer is dissatisfied with the proposed solution.

Our customers are responsible for:

  1. Carefully review the terms and conditions of the service before subscription.
  2. Comply with the service terms and conditions; and to avoid the misuse of telecom services like- conducting calls that violate the rules and regulations of conduct or that lead to threats or disturbances.
  3. Take full responsibility of all the numbers registered under the customer`s name and bear all required obligations accordingly.
  4. Check the validity of the invoice at the time of issue. Adhere to the allowed period to raise complaints regarding the validity of the invoice, prior to the issue of the next invoice.
  5. Pay due amounts to service provider before the due date mentioned in the invoice, in order to avoid suspension or cancellation of service.
  6. Follow service provider’ instructions, on using international roaming in order to avoid the high amount invoice.

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