How can I set my auto-top-up?

A few simple steps to set auto top up; 1. Click on ‘+’ in Your Wallet which takes you to the wallet auto Top up screen. (If you don’t have a payment card registered you will be automatically directed to the “Add Card’ screen). 2. Once in the auto Top up screen select the auto Top up amount from the list presented and click on the ‘Top up’ button which will then execute a 3D secure payment from your card. 4. Confirm to continue/activate the auto Top up. 5. If you have less than 10 SAR credit the auto Top up is immediately trigger and you will receive a Top up success confirmation. 6. If your credit is 10 SAR or more then auto Top up is activated but only triggered if your credit drops below 10 SAR. 7. In the auto Top up screen you have option to remove or adjust as you wish.