This Nondisclosure Agreement for the Virgin Mobile Backstage group is entered into by and between Virgin Mobile and the participants for the purpose of preventing the unauthorized disclosure of Confidential Information as defined below. The parties agree to enter a confidential relationship with respect to the disclosure of certain proprietary and confidential information.

Don’t hate, appreciate!

It takes a collective effort to create a welcoming environment. Be kind and respect everyone’s opinions even if they are different to yours. We’re all in this together!

Don’t be rude, seriously don’t.

Although everybody loves a good sense of humor, nobody likes bullies so don’t be one.  Avoid talking about politics, religion, race, gender, sexuality, and culture. Virgin Mobile is an exciting enough topic!

No spamming, PLEASE!

Please don’t spam the group or hack other people’s accounts; it’s not cool. Irrelevant content and links will immediately be removed.

Don’t be nosy, except with us.

Avoid asking personal questions which you may not want to answer yourself and avoid sharing your personal information as well. Do not be shy to ask us for anything though!

Help us out!

Although we appreciate and encourage all types of responses, please be specific with your answers and suggestions so we can serve you best!


Wrong: I hate the new offer.

Right: the new offer does not suit my needs. It needs to have more data and fewer minutes in order to serve me better. 

Your access to Virgin Mobile Backstage

If you do not participate within a period of 3 months, the system will revoke your login access.